Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Impromptu Trail Ride

Kristin and I went on an impromptu trail ride yesterday afternoon along with Sonya and Sham. It was a girls day kind of afternoon.

Sometimes a beautiful May afternoon calls for getting out of the arena and doing some exploring. The land behind the barn is being cleared so we rode down to check it out and then decided to keep going. 

At first we thought this sign said "Keep Out" and were about to turn around. Turns out it says "Keep the Dust Down" so we rode on and I think made the day of the nice men working at Southern Sales on Poinsett Highway. They all came out and waved at us. 

We looked at their tractors and trailers. 

And turns out female equines and humans are quite similar in that they like to go visit the ladies' room together.

Isn't Shamrock pretty? She's classic horse and so well behaved. I don't want her to go back to her camp this summer, but we have few more weeks together!

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