Friday, May 22, 2015


I've just begun writing for a Canadian magazine called Heels Down. It's a digital magazine aimed at the young equestrian crowd under 30 and they are currently having a #HeelDownChallenge that goes along with an article in the last issue about getting over a specific riding fear. I think all riders get fearful at one time or another - otherwise your brain is probably missing its amygdala!

Kristin filmed me this morning for the challenge. I wouldn't say that riding without stirrups is a particular fear of mine, but the stirrups are a crutch. I've been practicing trotting without stirrups and today added in a pattern including cones and a ground pole.

This exercise is an attempt to strengthen my inner leg muscles. Even though I considered myself to me very active in the exercise department, barre, Pilates and yoga are not reaching the right muscles!

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