Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Net!

Today is my grandmother's birthday. I've learned many things from Net about cooking, gardening, flower arranging and party planning. Along with more general good-to-know life skills like how to take a Chi O bath (i.e. a spit bath) in a pinch and that you should never have a drink after supper. It looks bad. Here are five of her most frequent words of wisdom:

1. Be Particular.

In what you eat. In what you drink. In how much you eat. In how much you drink. In who you hang out with. At what time you get home. In where you go. In where you don't go. In who you date. In who you marry. In what you do with your time, your pocketbook, your whatever. Really these two words, that she quotes from her father, cover just about the whole gamut.

2. Do like the folks on the other side of the river and do without.

This is also a quote from her father, Granddaddy Buford, from whom I inherited my love of horses (even though he died a long time before I was born, Aunt Bubba has always told me that he and I would have gotten along splendidly).

Growing up in Louisiana, Net believed her father was referring to those people in Mississippi. After she married someone from Tate County she realized he was referring to specifically those people across the river in Tate County from his childhood home in Lafayette County. One of my favorite things we've done together is visit her childhood home, Trinidad.

3. You can hold a tiger by its tale if you have to. 

Anytime I'm going through a rough period, Net reminds me of this. It's true.

4. It's not always going to be fun.

This was Net's advice to me as a newlywed who was over the moon happy. At the time I dismissed it. But she was right. It's not always fun. Sometimes it's hard work. Sometimes it's petty. Sometimes I think I'll go mad if I have to pick up someone's dirty clothes from the floor when they are two feet from the hamper for the 1 millionth time. Sometimes it will drive you crazy. But more often than not it is fun. But the hard days come and when they do, it's nice to remember that it just is what it is and will be different tomorrow.

5. Does that need water?

My plants always need watering.

Happy Birthday, Net!

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