Monday, May 25, 2015

Garden X & Small World Connections

Happy Memorial Day! We celebrated yesterday afternoon with some friends at the beautiful Lake Greenwood. We lounged in the pool and then grilled ribs while watching all the boaters on the lake.

I'm so glad Ryan was done with work in time to go. He's working today, and I'm hoping for an early day again so we can go play tennis. We tied in our last set so I'm anxious to see if I can win this next one:)

The past week in the yard has involved clearing out the back bed and trimming up the bushes that have suddenly gotten huge! There are many advantages to inheriting an established yard. However, the upkeep is more demanding than it appears. Three things our yard has in abundance that I would never in a million years plant:

1. Monkey grass
2. English ivy
3. Any type of bamboo

These are all invasive plants and while they can be pretty fillers, they will attempt to take over your life! This week I've worked on getting all three under control with moderate success. All require digging up by the root which takes more patience than I typically have. With the bamboo, we've found that if you chop it down and then put a few handfuls of rock salt all around the base it will die. So far that seems to have worked.

I wish I had a before picture! But believe me, it was getting crazy crowed in there with at least two varities of bamboo. 

New in the front bed are a lavendar plant and a lantana. I've transplanted some thrift from the larger plant and used floral pins to pin down the runners on the veragated grown cover to grow in the direction I want. This bed still has a lot of red dirt, but it's getting better!

This perrenial lantana came from the Farmers Market. I wish I'd gotten two!

This is called pink ice and looks like a succlent. It grows in the front bed along the rocks that line the sidewalk. At night the flowers fold in and the open with the sunlight.

Along the front walk, the daylilies that are about to bloom and there are some other type of lily coming up as well.

In the garden everything continues to grow.

This is call blue opal basil. Between it and the watermelon on the other end of the box, several volunteer tomatoes have come up. So I guess those seeds I planted too early did do something!

The strawberries are getting so close to turning red!

The tomatoes all have flowers! I cannot wait for a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.

Lastly, I wanted to share the wonders of Tecnu. This is an old bottle and the label has changed, but this stuff works. I'm extremely allergic to poison ivy and Tecnu "kills" it before you're even aware that you have it! If I've worked clearing out beds like I did with the bamboo this week, I rub it from head to toe when I get done. Pick it up at a pharmacy or outdoor store. 

Of course, the one day I forgot to use it, I woke up the next morning with poison ivy all on my right arm! Ugh! I'll spare you the photo. The odd thing is that Net got poison ivy in her yard the exact same day on the same arm!
Today I'm hoping to finally work on my window boxes and have been looking at the pictures of the beautiful ones we saw in Charleston last summer.
In other happenings, the Greenville Junior League celebrated it's 85th anniversary with a party at the Drive game last Wednesday night. A few months ago Rebecca and I made this connection: Her sister-in-law was the assistant band director at Senatobia High School when I was there! It is such a small world. 

The 500 Club at the Drive stadium offers one of the prettiest views of downtown.

Happy Memorial Day!

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