Friday, May 8, 2015

Garden VIII, Ducky Derby, HOG & Cinco

This week and month has been busy, busy. May seems to be the month when all fun things are getting crammed in between rainy early spring and the hot summer months to come. It does make life fun though when there's lots going on!

And in the garden, things are really coming to life. Each week I think "well we've seen the best of it" and then bam! more things pop up!

My favorite things yet to come up in the yard have been these three peonies.

They bloomed earlier this week. It was amazing. Remember when they looked like this for weeks?

I cut one and have it on my table, but my gardening book says not to cut all the flowers from the same plant at once. So I left two just to be safe. Many thanks to my grandmother, Net, for e-mailing me the answer to what these were going to be!

In the same bed as the peonies, the yellow rose bush and zinnias are growing and blooming (the rose that is). And I took out some of the day lilies and planted a Chicago Peace Hybrid Tea Rose. It was on clearance at Wally World for $4, and I couldn't pass it up. Too many great memories of our trip to Chicago. Did you know that people from Chicago don't call Wal-Mart "Wally World"? Is that just a Senatobia thing? 

In the front bed, I've been working on getting out more of the grass that's popped up, and I planted three bunches of isotoma (small perennials that will hopefully spread for ground cover) and have small purplish flowers. I divided the big thrift plant and transplanted a few smaller pieces around the bed that lines the sidewalk.

Daisies and Sweet William continue to bloom in both front beds.

My next step in the front yard is to work on the bed in front of the far left window and do the window boxes. There are too many good choices that I can't decide what I want to plant!

In the backyard, our friend Richard came and dug up a few banana trees for his yard. We moved one of the larger ones to the back fence and hope that it will take over that area.

The vegetables are growing and a tomato bamboo teepee has gone up around the cherry tomato. The others are almost big enough to need one. It's safe to say the Miracle-Grow worked.  

Strawberries! I planted a Carolina Jasmine around the arbor going into the garden. The Confederate Jasmine that I tried to transplant from our yard in Jackson didn't take. 

And the hydrangeas have buds!

And outside the yard, this week has been full of activities. Ryan had "mommy call" on Monday night and got home late. I had drinks to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these friends on Tuesday. We are all transfers in the Junior League this year and love goofy hats.

So it was Wednesday night before we had a night home together to watch our my new favorite show: Fresh of the Boat. Have you seen it? I love it.

Last Saturday, besides the Derby, I volunteered with these Junior League transfers for HOG - Hands on Greenville. It's organized by the United Way and something like 7,000 volunteers spent the morning working on 500 different projects. It was amazing!

And then Ryan and I went to the Rotary Club's fundraiser - Duck Derby - and watched 10,000 rubber duckies go down the falls at Falls Park on the Reedy River. The real ducks were very confused. Here's the video of the rubber ducks coming down the falls from where we were standing:

People everywhere! This weekend will be more laid back - I'm helping a friend with a yard sale on Saturday morning and then can finally be done with my pile of leftovers from our move!

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