Friday, May 15, 2015

Garden Talk IX & First Swim of the Summer

Things are still happening in the yard and garden. Now that the basics are covered and the big goal is to keep everything watered and the weeds down, I've moved on to my fun to-do list!

First up this week was getting the water garden going. A friend had suggested I go to South Pleasantburg Nursery for water plants. They had an amazing selection of all kinds of plants, but I had no idea water lilies were $35 bucks. So instead I got the Blue Moneywort for $10 - it likes to float in the water and and has intense, small tubular purple blooms. Only one fish is left from the five we bought a few weeks ago. Sad! I really don't think Scout is the culprit so, hopefully, having a little protection for the fish will help. There are a family of owls that live in our back pine tree so I think they may be snacking on the fish. Next up is a water pump like the one we had at the last house.

One of the hostas in the front yard has bloomed...

And in the garden, everything is growing like weeds! Garden humor...

And we have GRAPES - Concord Grapes - that are still tiny but are going to be so good. I'm hoping to try my had at wine if we have enough. Here's a close up:

And here's the whole vine:

Along the side of the porch, the lemon balm has been removed and I spread out my zinnia seedlings. The yellow rose bush continues to bloom. 

And these blackberry looking things are dropping from a tree in the backyard. Do you think they are safe to eat? I can't decide! Also, my hands look wrinkly! What do I do about that? 

This spot in the front bed continues to be my big challenge. I'm a big believer in what Felder Rushing calls "one handed gardening" meaning you should be able to do all you need to in the yard with one hand holding a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. I do both - depending on the time of day!

I planted both of these in that spot this morning - coneflowers and malva - so we'll see in about 15 days what happens with those. Stay tuned!

In other news, I took Pepe and Scout to Falls Park one afternoon to play in the water. The weather was too nice to stay indoors. We had this section of the park to ourselves and, besides a few ducks, I don't think we disturbed anyone. We even got lucky and found an empty swing. 

Needless to say, Scout didn't stop jumping around until I made them get out. Pepe swam and drank as much of the water as he could. Crazy dog hates getting in the bathtub for a bath but absolutely loves the water. Go figure!

No trip downtown is complete with a King of Pops popsicle. Happy Friday!

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B said...

Could it be a mulberry tree?! They look a lot like blackberries.

Kara Paulk said...

I believe you are right, B! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Kara, I knew Mulberries sounded familiar and it finally hit me....In elementary school when we studied geography and came to China we learned where silk was first made in China and how it was carried across the mountain on the back of donkeys. I can't swear to this but I think that Marco Polo brought it to the rest of the world that way. And the bottom line is that silk first came in to being from the worms that spin a web or whatever they do in a Mulberry tree....How about that? Love you lots, Net