Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fly Fishing & Garden XI

Our local Orvis store held a "Fly Fishing 101" class on Saturday morning. Ryan and I have always talked about going fly fishing -- anyone who grew up watching "A River Runs Through It" has to want to give it a try! We stayed on land (the 201 class is in a farm pond), but left with all the basic how-tos like putting together a reel, tying the needed knots, casting and reeling in a fish.

The first part of the class was in a large field a few blocks from downtown. 

We even "caught" fake fish with Velco flys and wooden fish that had Velcro strips on them.

The guys from the Orvis store were so good. Our instructor, Mike, is demonstrating how to pick up your reel. He said you should pretend you've picked a cell phone up from the table and answer it. And then quickly put it back down. I've got plenty of experience doing that!

Hopefully we will be giving fly-fishing a real try in water when we go to Gatlinburg in a couple of weeks!

And moving onto the weekly yard and garden report...

The large bed in the front yard continues to be my main challenge. I planted moss rose (portulaca) near the new spiralis plant (not pictured but it is really getting curly!). I thought the moss rose was the same thing as the pink ice, but it's not! They do look good together though.

Also new are two 'starsisters' dahlia plants in the front bed. They were on the clearance rack at Lowe's for $1 so we'll have to see if they do anything.

Day lilies are blooming and looking pretty. 

The iris gladiolus around the mailbox have come up and this one is blooming. It looks like it matches the flag!

This picture is from the living room looking out. In the front window boxes I planted caladium bulbs and pale pink begonias. I added in some variegated vinca and regular ground cover from the yard to be the "spiller." All good window boxes and containers must have thrillers, fillers and spillers!

And the best news of all is that my little lime tree has turned a corner. I kept it in the laundry room all winter, and when we got back from going home the week after Christmas ALL the leaves had fallen off. I was distraught - that thing cost $20! As soon as the weather got warm, I stuck it back on the porch and about three weeks ago re-potted it in a larger pot. At this point it had about six leaves at the very top. My neighbor gave me some avocado and citrus fertilizer, and I put that on it about two weeks ago. This past week it has sprouted some blooms and many new leaves!

In the back, this hibiscus (in the large pot on the patio) was on the clearance rack at Lowe's for $3. Hopefully, it will bloom and between it and the banana trees our backyard should have a tropical vibe! We just need some Reggae music.

I pulled up some of the greenery in the back bed by the stairs and added mulch. I liked the smaller plants but they were covering up the border. One of the hydrangeas is covered in blooms and the smaller hydrangea doesn't have a single bloom on it. So weird! Hopefully, it's just running a little behind schedule. 

The hostas in the back are also blooming. 

And in the garden...

One of the squash plants has flowers!

The bugs are eating my strawberries before I can pick them and don't seem to be fazed by my organic bug spray. I think it's time to bring out the 7 Dust. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated!?!

The tomatoes are getting big and all have flowers -- just waiting for the first flower to turn into a tomato!

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