Sunday, May 10, 2015


This was a BIG weekend in Greenville. There was a lot going on for a town that always has something going on. The three biggest things were happening downtown - ArtisphereSouth Carolina Freedom Summit and the Farmer's Market.

I was not with it enough to get tickets to the Freedom Summit - just about every Republican who is expected to run for president was speaking including Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Donald Trump and more. Jeb Bush was interviewed by our local news guy, but I'm not sure if he spoke or not! 

The Farmer's Market was out for me because of my yard sale, but I did make it downtown in time for lunch with Kristin and to check out Artisphere - along with about 70,000 other people. Amazing! 

Local restaurants had food booths, there are over 100 artists from around the country that are selected from a committee and street performers like this guy. 

He's balancing a machete on his chin!

Do you know about Hometown Hunt? It's a project by Eventbrite that helps people discover events. They offer free tools that can help create, promote and sell tickets. Artisphere was free, but it looks like a good source for buying tickets - like Ticketmaster but for more hometown type events if that makes sense? Next weekend there's a Scottish Heritage Festival and you can buy tickets through Eventbrite. 

The art was so impressive. I love these sailboats!

Crossing the Reedy River.

The main stage is to the far left in the above photo. 

Isn't Greenville gorgeous? It just continues to amaze me! My mom says the visitors bureau should hire me as an ambassador because I can't stop telling people how wonderful it is:)

We are hoping to go back this afternoon!

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