Monday, April 6, 2015

Sisters Sisters

Of the hundred photos snapped during Sis and Oliver's visit, this one is my favorite. Or one of my favorites! We decided this was the easiest way to walk with the girls around downtown. It was a new experience for Poppy and Mary Thorne. They were very excited. Poppy kept looking at herself in the windows. She was very pleased with what she saw! MT is going to make an excellent equestrian - she has the concept of neck reining down pat!

A few of my other favorites...

When they got in late Wednesday afternoon, we immediately headed to the park down the street with my garden wagon in tow. The girls walked the whole way!

Elizabeth Magee was so excited to tell Uncle Ryan about her pink doctor kit but then got a little shy when Ryan started showing her his!

EM and Poppy

Poppy watching Mary Thorne FaceTime with Siggi (she's trying to decide if it's worth trying to get the phone - I think not!) Mom was saying "touch your nose, touch your eye" and MT was following along!

Chocolate bunnies on the porch - Pepe ate more of the snacks than the girls did. He also ate an ice cream sandwich and half a jar of peanut butter. 

MT in front of the toy shop on Main

Liberty Bridge at Falls Park

MT was definitely my buddy. She loves being held and quickly figured out that Aunt Sis doesn't know the the word "no."

Well at least Sis and I are looking at the camera!

We ate lunch at one of my favorite places - Paserella Bistro next to Falls Park. As soon as we had order wine, MT busted it on the stone patio. There was lots of blood. So much so that the waitress brought Sis a shirt to wear as her white t-shirt looked like something off of a crime show. 

Garden time - we had fun planting an oregano plant and then playing in the water. 

Friday night we went to Downtown Alive! and met Pace and Alex for supper. These two haven't seen each other since Sis & Oliver's wedding!

We ate supper at Sassafras downtown on Friday night and stayed for more than three hours! The girls had fun running around the plaza area and only Mary Thorne sacked out. Girl after my own heart right here!

Saturday morning we had a Easter Egg hunt in the back yard...

Poppy wanted to wear Ryan's Irish Drinking Hat! Scout it trying to figure out what's going on. We've got to finish this patio!

Pepe watching the hunt. He wasn't sure what to think. He barked when the girls were starting to sit on the step and they all three jumped up in the air! We headed downtown for one more look and the iMAGINE festival was going on. I saw my first drone and plug-in electronic car!

Poppy kept calling the Michlin man "snow." But didn't want to get too close to him. We had so much fun and can't wait for them to come back! 

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