Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Scout Does Yoga

Scout is the ultimate yogi. His moves include down dog (pictured above) and up dog nearly every time he gets up from a nap. Probably not a bad idea!

In the mornings, I have to guard my yoga mat because both dogs will make a bee line for it as soon as it gets rolled out. My full-time temp job for a local marketing firm has ended (I'm now there just part-time), and I'm so ready to get back into the yoga class at my gym! 

There's definitely no peacock move in my near future, but I have found it very inspirational to do yoga with others! My normal classes haven't been an option during this job so to keep up my yoga skills (if you can call it that!) I've done yoga videos on YouTube. My mom found a 30 day yoga challenge from "Yoga with Adrine" and we have both done most of it. If you've never done yoga, it would be a great place to start! The episodes are usually 20 to 30 minutes and Adrine seems like the type of person I'd love to know (according to her Instagram feed!). 

And if you need a laugh, check out Tim Hawkins "Yoga Pants" on YouTube. 


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