Monday, April 20, 2015

Pro-cycling & Margaret Mitchell

Saturday morning we went downtown to watch the Bikeville Classic. It's the Professional Criterium National Championship and there were over 500 cyclists from everywhere. These people are series! Ryan's parents were here visiting, and it's so great to have so many options of what to do (although I'm pretty sure they were worn out by the end of the day because my pedometer read 18,500 steps!). 

Volkswagon was one of the big sponsors and they had the above print screen with racing bikes in front. They also had a waffle stand with all the fixings and the waffles had the VW logo imprinted. 

After spending time downtown, we ran some errands and Dennis helped Ryan with some yard projects. Pictures coming soon! 

Saturday night we went to the Greenville Little Theater to see "Don't Cry for Me Margaret Mitchell." It was the hilarious account based of the true story of the re-writing of the screenplay for "Gone With the Wind." 

From the Director's Notes in the program: In early 1939, movie-maker David O. Selznick really did stop the filming of his masterpiece "Gone With the Wind" because he hated the screenplay. Selznick really did fire then director George Cukor and replace him with Victor Fleming, who happened to be directing "The Wizard of Oz" at the time. Selznick and Fleming actually woke screenwriter Ben Hecht from his bed early on a Sunday morning, really did lock themselves in with little to eat but bananas and peanuts for an entire week while the world banged at their door. Ben Hecht really had never read the book; Selznick was really losing money every day; the pressure was truely mounting; and all signs pointed to certain disaster

If you love the movie and the book, I highly recommend finding this play somewhere near you! It made me want to revisit the Margaret Mitchell house in Atlanta. 

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