Monday, April 13, 2015

Non-Birthday Birthday Party, Swamp Rabbit Trail & Corn Hole

This past week Ryan switched from the internal medicine side of the hospital to the pediatrics side (this happens every three months). He told me that one day he had a 530 pound patient and the next a 900 gram infant - meaning the adult was 280 times bigger than the baby! The best part of this rotation is that his schedule has gotten better and he has every Sunday in April off.

He worked his first overnight shift in the NICU on Friday night and I stayed home with the good intentions of ironing and cleaning. I ended up going to yoga after work and stopping by a friend's house to visit. By the time I made it home, I crashed on the sofa with Mad Men and a frozen pizza. I was out before 9 p.m. C'est la vie!

Saturday morning I tried to stay out of the house so Ryan could get a few hours rest. It's so hard to be home and be quiet! I headed to Blue Ridge Equestrian in Travelers Rest. It's the same barn I did the summer camp with last year, but it has moved to a new location. Which has worked out great for me because it's now only about 15 minutes from our house. The property is gorgeous and you can see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background!

A trainer from New Mexico was teaching a Hunter/Jumper clinic. I just watched but it was so good and I feel like I learned more being able to listen to him than trying to ride and listen. 

Saturday night we celebrated this nice guy! Maggie threw a "not a birthday party party" for Richard.  

Ryan and Craig playing ladder toss. All three of the med-peds male residents were off on Saturday afternoon -- that hasn't happened since before Christmas! 

Maggie and Richard with Luka photobombing. Such sweet friends! 

We ended the night with s'mores and the burning of everybody's "burn or shred it" piles of hospital papers. Sunday morning we went to church and then met up with Pace & Alex for a Swamp Rabbit Trail bike ride from our neighborhood to Traveler's Rest.

It seemed like a long way to TR! The trail is over 20 miles long and goes from Greenville thru the Furman campus and into Travelers Rest.

Our destination was the Swamp Rabbit Brewery where we had pizza from the restaurant next door and ribs and wings from a food truck in the parking lot. Don't judge: we were starving!!!

Love these two! It's been so fun to renew our friendship with Pace and we are crazy about Alex. He's such a nice guy. And our wedding was their first trip together and his first time to Mississippi. Pace has always called me "Sis" - picking it up from Sis when they became good friends our freshman year. She thought Ryan's name was "Ron" for well over the first year we were all friends. Everyone thought it was kinda funny and Ryan was too nice to correct her. So to all of their friends here we are "Sis & Ron." In her defense, our neighbors here thought I was saying Ron too and finally asked one day, "Is your husband Ryan or Ron?" They had had a major disagreement about his name. I need to pronunciate more!

I'm not much of a beer drinker but they did have a white cherry that was very tasty.

Pace and I dominated the guys at corn hole. Ryan was impressed - I hardly ever win when we play games!

This was by far my longest bike ride and I am so incredibly sore this morning. No longer making fun of people with padded bike shorts!

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