Friday, April 24, 2015

Garden VI

Well I didn't follow my own advice in that last post about not having blogger going on the phone and computer at the same time and lost my first attempt at this post!

I'm happy to report that the daisies in the front bed are starting to bloom along with Sweet William.

Close up of Sweet William (dianthus barbatus). There are also some lilies coming up which I think are Lily-of-the-Nile.

In the backyard, the banana trees are continuing to grow up, up, and more up.

This bed has gotten some TLC as it now boarders the patio. Which is 95 percent finished. 

And in the garden: herbs, pobalano and bell peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and a watermelon are off to a good start. 

I'm most excited about this "Mr. Stripey" heirloom tomato and can't wait for my first tomato and grilled cheese sandwich. 

The strawberries are continuing to bloom and some have very tiny strawberries. 

Big hostas along the side of the workshop.

And the back of the workshop has a little room that opens to the back yard - I'm slowing moving out Ryan's things and turning it into a potting shed! 

Watch my garden grow III, IIIIV and V.  Happy Friday, everyone!

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