Friday, April 17, 2015

Friends & Garden Talk V

It's hard to believe we've know these people nearly 10 months now, and at the same time it seems like we've known them forever. What do they say about being in the trenches together? Maggie (pictured in blue) used Jim Henson's quote on her blog: "There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met."

Perfectly describes these friends (and a few others who couldn't make it!). We've celebrated birthdays and nearly every major and minor holiday together. Comforted each over cancelled date nights, long weeks of night shifts and the frustration that comes when your other half is utterly exhausted.

And, at the same time, we've also managed to have a lot of fun! Tuesday night we celebrated Jennie's 29th birthday at our house with sweet potato pie and a cake. Craig's parents and grandparents are visiting from Colorado and joined us to! We loved getting to meet them and hearing stories we plan to tease him about very soon :)

So thankful for these friends!


And on to the yard and garden. If April showers really do bring May flowers then we should have a beautiful May! I think we've had all-day rain nearly every day this week. The plants are loving it! Everything just seems so green. In the back yard we have:

Hostas and azaleas - I believe the smaller hosta on the right may be a 'orange marmalade'. 

The banana tree has put out many little banana trees that will soon be finding new homes with the sweet people in the first picture.

The vegetable seedlings have all managed to survive their first week in the garden. The hot pepper mix plant is looking particularly well. 

The strawberries have put out flowers that are now turning into tiny berries. Won't be long!

The May apple (thank you May for identifying for me!) and hydrangeas. Along with a box wood. I've got some more weeding to do in this bed!

There are several varieties of hostas in the backyard - on the left (I think) is blue 'dixie cup' and on the right is hosta of the year. 

And on the side and front of the house we have:

My grape vine just came back to life out of thin air it seems.

I can't remember what these flowers will look like but they are about a foot tall right now. Will be reporting back on this!

Zinnia seedlings are all putting out their second round of leaves -- Net informs me this is a good sign!

Daisies coming up in the front bed along with several types of lilies. My azalea is still in full bloom.

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Happy Friday!

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