Saturday, April 4, 2015

EM & Easter Eggs

Sis, Oliver and their sweet girls left this morning after what can only be the most perfect visit in the history of visits (and they've all been great) between  us. I love all holidays, but every Easter I think, this is my favorite holiday. All it represents for us as Christians. And that it's not so overly commercialized. And, let's face it, dying eggs and hiding eggs is just plain fun. No matter your age.

It's especially fun though if you are ages 31 and 4. While the twins napped and Sis & Oliver went exploring downtown Greenville on Thursday afternoon, EM and I got to work. She was so excited. It almost matched my enthusiasm :)

When you are ages 31 and 4 it's hard to watch water boil. It takes so long! So we FaceTimed Frank and got him out of his Rotary club meeting. He showed us the pool at the hotel where they meet and we showed him how to dye eggs!

Watching the tablets dissolve. It's nerve-wracking, people!

I saw this on Pinterest - using a whisk to dip the egg - perfect!

And the results were fabulous! She told me that I was, "kinda like Siggi and kinda like Mama." The best compliment I'll ever get!!!

Lots more pictures to follow about our wonderful Easter Weekend/Spring Break fun. Happy Easter!


Angelyn A Cannada said...

How much fun!!!!

annabclark said...

You were so sweet to dye eggs with EM. I have never been brave enough to tackle that project at home. :) That's what an Aunt Sis is for in my opinion. ha! And the comment she made about you being like Siggi and Mama was precious.