Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogging Resources

I’ve mentioned the Blogger app to several blogging friends and everyone seems to enjoy it. In fact, the only downside to using it is that you'll be further deterred from taking pictures on a “real” camera. But you are more than likely doing that anyway, so, might as well make it even easier to blog them! 

Go to your App Store and search for Blogger. I'm sure there are other great free ones but this is the one that I use. It comes right up and looks like this:

Once it’s installed and you open up the application, you’ll see some options.

My method is to write a post and load camera pictures. Then “save as a draft.” You can also publish straight from the app BUT when I do that my pictures are the wrong size. So I usually just log on to the computer to change the pictures to "large" and then hit publish. If the image resolution is set too low in the settings, then your pictures will look grainy. So it's best to upload them in their original size and then re-size later on. If anyone has a solution to this let me know! 

WARNING: Make sure to not have blogger open on your computer and the phone at the same time when you are creating a post. I did lose a post once because of this!

Another great free resource is Canva. It's a free and simple graphic design program. I haven't played around with this too much but I did create my new header using the program.

And if you just want to edit your photos fotoflexer is super easy to use.  If you're interested in learning how to put a Pinterest "pin" on your posts, here's a great tutorial

Anyone else have any favorite blogging resources?

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