Friday, March 27, 2015

My Mom

My mom came to visit for a few days this week and (as always) we had the most wonderful time and enjoyed every second! She's always up for anything and went to my Pilates class on Wednesday and Barre class on Thursday. Everyone commented it was very obvious we're related! The Life Center (the fitness center of GHS) is great, and I was so glad to introduce her to my rowing budding, Phil. We discuss our TV shows and garden plans at least once a week!

On Wednesday afternoon we did a little retail therapy and then had facials at the Paul Mitchell school. Afterwards we felt like we'd had naps and massages too - it was that relaxing! Ryan got home and we all headed downtown to look at the spring flowers and eat at Roost.

This is the beech "Root Tree" along the Swamp Rabbit Trail going into Falls Park.  

Ryan's been wanting to take bread to the ducks in Falls Park since we moved here. Of course, he is ignoring the posted signs that say: "We're full! Please don't feed the wildlife." But Dr. Doolittle thought they looked skinny. 

I sent this picture to my dad and he remarked that Ryan is a wolf in sheep's clothing! Lucky for these ducks they don't live in Marks, Mississippi!

This isn't where we ate but it's one of my favorite places and I thought it looked so cozy with the lights and the rain!

Mom and I played so hard on Wednesday that Thursday we took it a little easier! After Barre, we did a little antique browsing and then met Jennie at The Local Taco for lunch - currently my favorite Mexican food in town! We also visited the barn where I go ride. It's moved to Traveler's Rest since Mom's last visit and there's a new tenant. This is Shamrock. 

Mom cleaned scrubbed my oven. And it sparkles! When my brother was little he'd get upset when Mom cleaned her own oven - he said that Mama Jean liked to do that! I'm glad Mom is continuing this tradition :)

I'm looking forward to her and Dad coming back this summer. Hope you have a great weekend!

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