Sunday, March 29, 2015

Garden Talk III

Where or where did this cold weather come from??? Fortunately, I never got around to planting anything last week, but my little seedlings are beyond ready to leave their little cups and my zinnias are so leggy looking I'm afraid they're about to walk off. Hopefully, this is it for cold weather and it'll be okay to plant by Good Friday (which is when "they" say to wait to anyway). But I always get impatient and want to jump the gun.

New things are continuing to pop up!

Hosta coming up in the back bed by the garden. 

See the brown shoot coming out of the middle of the banana tree stalks? It wasn't doing that last week. Look at this grass, I mean weeds, in our back yard. Ryan says he will mow this week!

I have no idea what these are and will update after Net tells me:) They look like they are drooped over, but they are supposed to look like that! I think they should be called Eeyore plants.

I believe these little purple flowers are called sweet violets and I'm not sure what the tall, leafy things are but they are sprouting up all over the beds in the back.

Grape hyacinth (muscari botryoides) have popped up in several places. I love these tiny plants!

These little purple flowers - thrift - also survived the winter in my window box! They are all over our neighborhood and vary in shades from light purple to dark violet. In the foreground is lemon balm. This stuff spreads like crazy. My neighbor says you can make tea out of it. 

Look at this azalea trying to bloom! Go back to sleep, little friend! I covered all the azaleas with old sheets before the frost this weekend so hopefully they will be okay.

I spent some time clearing out this bed by the back steps where the hydrangeas are sprouting green leaves. Scout, as usual, is my little helper and very curious as to what I'm doing :)

And in other weekend news, I saw a very dear friend from Ole Miss on Saturday!

Cameron was in Clemson for a horse show and got in touch a few weeks ago. We made plans for lunch and went to the Pot Belly Deli. It felt like we were back in college until we noticed how young all the Clemson students looked! We picked right up where we left off - like we had just had lunch at the Tri Delt house. 

Sis and Oliver's wedding was the last time we saw each other! That's waaayyy too long. But now that we are both on the East Coast, we've made plans to get together again soon!!!

We talked about the time one of our horses tried to buck her off. And I knew I had a picture from that day. This must have been 2003 or so - I'm in front on Pete with Sis behind me and Cameron is on Lady. Who knew then that Miss Hunter/Jumper would turn into a reining champ! Maybe Lady inspired her...

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