Friday, March 20, 2015

Garden Talk II

Hurray for the first official day of Spring! And for it being my brother's 28th birthday! Happy, happy Birthday, Thomas! You're my favorite brother (and not just because you're the only brother).

The weather on Thomas' birthday is always so divergent. One year it still feels like winter and the next it's full-on spring. This year it's leaning more towards spring, and I'm trying to record exactly what's popping up in my yard so next year I'll remember what is what. I've sent quite a few pictures to Net this week asking, "What is this???" Fortunately, she's had all the answers!

New things around the yard (since my last garden post):

A pretty pink hyacinth has popped up in the back yard - it's a member of the lily family and Net tells me to fertilize it!

A rose bush - I fed it RosePride fertilizer earlier this week. It looks like a few of the branches aren't coming back to life so I may trim them off. Let me know if there are any rose experts reading this - I am definitely not one!

Did you know that "all the tea in China" is made from the leaves of camellia shrubs? I believe my camellia is a joponica - but I may be wrong! Wouldn't be the first time:) Camellias are also known as the rose of winter. 

Iris coming up along the drive way next to the porch. Also, jonquils have popped up along the drive way and in the front flower bed.

I'm hoping these are tulips coming up in the flower beds in the front yard.

And in the garden:

My strawberries are coming along just fine and a few more have come up in other beds so I've moved them to the strawberry bed. From what I've read, it's best to rotate your crops in their garden placement to cut down on disease. But I don't know if this applies to plants like strawberries that will come back each year?

My zinnia seeds from Wal-Mart sprouted up right away. Unfortunately, only one seed from my zinnia from Eudora Welty's garden came up and it's looking a little pitiful.

Our generous neighbor, Don, passed along seedlings for squash, peppers, tomatoes and more a couple of weeks ago. It's been interesting to watch them grow and right now they all look like the same plant. I planted my squash seedlings because they were bending over the cup they were growing in and breaking. Not looking too hot right now so these may need to be re-started! And these seedlings will be going in the ground over the weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend! 

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