Monday, March 23, 2015

Cherry Blossoms & a Georgia Wedding

One of Ryan's good resident buddies got married this weekend in Macon, Georgia and we were thrilled to be able to go. The drive between here and Macon was gorgeous on Saturday morning and most of it was not along the interstate so we saw many farms and small towns where everything was beginning to bloom. Is it me or do the spring colors seem more intense this year? Maybe it's just that they are so appreciated after winter! I was our driver so there are no pictures to show you of the drive - Ryan doesn't enjoy hanging his head out the window for the perfect shot like me:)

We ate a late lunch at the Rookery in downtown Macon. The downtown area reminded me of Oxford - it's obviously a college town - and the Cherry Blossom Festival was going on so there were people everywhere. We waited half an hour for a table but the hamburgers and battered fries were totally worth it!

While our food settled, we followed the Cherry Blossom Trail through the area around Wesleyan University. I never seen such beautiful trees. And they were everywhere! Excuse the picture overload, but I couldn't pick my favorites!


The wedding was beautiful and sweet and made me feel all sappy inside. I think the longer you're married the more you appreciate and love weddings. And all they symbolize for the two lives going forward as one.

And the reception was fun and full of great food and beautiful flowers. Jennie and Craig were also there - it was fun to know someone besides the bride and groom. We enjoyed comparing the differences between Southern and Northern weddings. They had never heard of a groom's cake and never been to a wedding that started after six p.m. I had never seen the wedding party introduced at the reception or the toasts given at the wedding (both of which I think are great ideas!).

Us with Jennie and Craig.

These two haven't done much relaxing since July 1.

Each layer of the cake was different flavors - butter almond, chocolate and carrot.

Ryan and Katie

Us with the happy bride and groom.

We had long sparklers at our wedding - I love them!


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