Monday, March 2, 2015

Belay On

Way back in 2001 when we started dating, Ryan introduced me to the sport of rock climbing. He even built a climbing wall in his parents' backyard out of telephone poles. In college we'd go to Tishmingo State Park and climb on the only mountain in Mississippi. We packed up his rock climbing gear when we moved to Jackson and didn't touch it until this weekend. Turns out there are a lot more options - indoor and outdoor - for climbing in South Carolina!

This is one of the walls at the Climb@BlueRidge gym. When we got there I reminded Ryan that we stopped going climbing in Oxford when I almost let him fall at Tishmingo (fortunately a tree broke his fall). Oops! Don't worry, we spent time reviewing all the safety basics! 

The gym had one huge room with three story high climbing walls on three sides and a separate room for bouldering. That's where we started! There were mats on the floor which was very comforting to me! Even just a few feet off the ground is a little nerve wracking for me. 

Then we moved onto the rope section and belayed each other. Before you begin climbing you say "belay" and your partner on the ground responds with "belay on."  Then the climber says "climbing" and partner says "climb on." That's all the lingo you really need! 

Ryan told me to turn around and smile, but I was not letting go enough to do that!

It was a fun afternoon and we toasted ourselves later on at Community Taproom!

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