Monday, February 9, 2015

Skiing the Wolf

Last week Ryan had some time off so we had a staycation. It was wonderful and we did lots of necessary evils like go to the dentist and file our taxes. But we also had lots of fun! Even though the last few days have felt like spring is around the corner, last week there was snow in the North Carolina mountains. So we headed to the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort for a day of skiing. I wasn't expecting much as far as the snow amount and the size of the mountain (compared to out West) but it was fabulous on both accounts! The snow machines were going in the morning, but there was enough natural snow to not really need them. Although I did appreciate the nice layer of powder to cushion my (four? five?) falls.

It amazes me that we were one and a half hours from home! We were on the slopes before 10 a.m.!

The lodge was cute and very rustic with huge fireplaces inside and lots of picnic tables. There was a grill and a gift shop. Everything you need!

Selfie on the slopes! This was our third trip skiing together and the first where we've worn helmets. One of my Pilates classmates has a family member who suffered a traumatic brain injury on this mountain a few weeks ago. I keep telling Ryan he is my Plan A and there is no Plan B so we were getting helmets:)

This picture doesn't do the steepness of this section of the mountain justice. It was one of the few black areas (most were blue or green). I didn't attempt this but Ryan did. He'd had a terrific fall a few minutes this!

I like to go nice and slow!

The winter wonderland behind Ryan is a little misleading -- there must have been a snow machine blowing snow on these trees the day before!

And this is how I feel about skiing all day!

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