Monday, February 23, 2015

Fun in Birmingham

Last week I spent a few days with Sis and her girls in Birmingham to celebrate Elizabeth Magee's FOURTH birthday. I can't believe she is four! She is so much fun and has the sweetest spirit.

Me and the birthday girl at the party. 

On Thursday we went to Tuscaloosa to visit Mama Jean and Papa Carrel. Mary Thorne loved getting to "ride the little horsey" with Mama Jean. It was so nice getting to visit and the next time I see them they will be in a new house!

Mom and Net came and I loved getting to see them. As always, it wasn't long enough! 

No one on earth hold a candle to Siggi in Elizabeth Magee's eyes. 

It's amazing how much Poppy and Mary Thorne have grown since Christmas. They know their colors, have mastered the potty and are so talkative. Poppy still isn't sure about Aunt Sis - especially if she can't see her mama. But she did love telling me all about the colors in the crayon box. I'll take what I can get!

Mary Thorne has no such hesitations about Aunt Sis. She is full-throttle all the time until she crashes at 7:05 p.m. She loves hot sauce on her eggs and helped me eat my salad at lunch. Not the typical diet of a nearly two year old!

And she is the best cuddler!

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Signy said...

that is the best pic of you and EM! loved seeing you!!!