Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paris Mountain

Ryan is currently on an easier rotation and we are loving it! Weekends actually feel like weekends! On Sunday we took the dogs to Paris Mountain and hiked the Sulpher Springs trail. Most of the four mile trail followed a stream and was very scenic with several small waterfalls. I love any size waterfall! We took the dogs and had a great time. The trail went up about 600 feet and I think we could all feel the burn the next day. Pepe didn't get off his bed at all!

My view for most of the hike. Pepe did not like that Scout was in front of him!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sunshine and Friends

We had the most wonderful visit from DeeDee and John Eric this weekend. The pictures tell it best...

They got in Saturday night (after John Eric RAN the Charleston marathon...I'm beyond impressed that he was still walking and talking and fun to be around. I would be passed out some where along the way!). Can you tell how happy DeeDee and I are to be drinking wine and talking? It's been way too long! I think we talked for three straight days. 

We made s'mores for our dessert in the fireplace. 

Sunday morning we brunched at Tandem in Travelers Rest.

And then walked around Falls Park and downtown. We were blessed with glorious weather that almost felt like spring.

DeeDee impressed us with her one-handed put-put swing! But in the end, John Eric won by a large margin. 

We tried craft beer at Community Tap and watched a good football game...

and vino on the rooftop of Sip...

and dinner at Smoke. Can you tell we all like to eat and drink? It felt great!

Ryan was off on Monday (we hadn't planned that it just worked out perfectly!) and we drove up to Caesars Head to look at the mountains. 

DeeDee gave Ryan a quarter for the view thingy.

This is Bald Rock and is a massive rock overlook on the side of the mountain. It obviously is a place for teenagers to declare their love for one another in spray paint. 

We saw American Sniper in the afternoon and it was amazing. Such a moving story. We cooked in Monday night and watched our favorite show - Shark Tank. It was the perfect visit and we promised not to go so long again without "real" Facetime! And next time they are bringing sweet Jane because we all missed her!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Merry and a Bright New Year

Before I forget all that we did over the Christmas season I better document! We had three Christmas parties with GHS and they were all fun. Miraculously, Ryan's schedule worked out where we could go to all off of them!

The first - and I think my favorite - was a tacky Christmas sweater party at the director's house. You can't tell in the picture, but Ryan's sweater had shoulder pads! There was a peds party at the children's museum and an internal medicine party at Carolina Ale House downtown. 

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we got our tree and I think this is the prettiest one we've ever had. We took it down last weekend and I'm still missing it.

We have enjoyed our fireplace so much! And Santa even managed to squeeze down our narrow chimney! (Stockings were left up only for the picture or there wouldn't have been a house left for Santa to visit). 

We really do enjoy messing with Scout. 

A group of med-peds residents from the Tacky Sweater party. 

We celebrated our 9th anniversary with delicious meal at Larkin's on the River. 

Christmas Eve brought the best surprise of all when Ryan got home 5 hours early from his ER shift!!! He wasn't supposed to get off until 10 p.m. but because of a light load they let him go home. We made it to our church's Christmas Eve service and then came home and built a fire. 

Honestly, I was dreading Christmas Day because Ryan was working a 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. shift and I knew I would be missing my family! BUT, Jennie and I had a wonderful day. We made our favorite things for breakfast (sausage balls for me, monkey bread for her), exchanged gifts, went for a walk and talked to our families. I finally got to "meet" her parents on Facetime! In the afternoon we went to see Unbroken and that put a nice reality check for me on spending the day in a comfortable home with plenty to eat! 

On the 28th we headed to Mississippi and after a long day in the car got to see Sis and her girls. Plus Mom, Dad and Net! 

I love this picture of Poppy!

We stopped in the library for a little play time during a cold walk. 

DeeDee, John Eric and Jane stopped by on their way home to Jackson from Memphis for a short visit. It was wonderful to see them and they are coming to visit in just over a week!  

Dad and Ryan playing Dad's new iphone. He went from a 1990s-ish Nokia bar phone to an iphone 6!

Thomas and Laura came up on New Year's Day and spent the night. It was so good to see them!

We spent New Year's Eve with Ryan's family and I don't have a picture but we had a good time! 

It was hard to leave but we came home to this little surprise - crocus blooming in the yard! I think the poor thing is confused and thinks it's spring!

Maybe I will be a better blogger in the New Year!