Saturday, March 29, 2014

House Hunters - SC Edition

Tuesday night we realized we could both leave town for a couple of days so we quickly made plans and arrived in Greenville, South Carolina late Wednesday night. Eight hours is a long car ride but thanks to cell phones (and lots of practice during interview season) we got a lot accomplished! Plus going to Greenville you lose an hour - it's going to be strange being in a different time zone than everyone we know!

It's a very odd feeling visiting a place and knowing it will be your home in a couple of months. Whenever we travel I always imagine what it would be like to live in that place, but this is a whole new ball game! When we were in Greenville in December we both loved the town but it never crossed my mind that we'd live there. I don't know why - since when you go on a job interview the logical thought process would be that you may move there!

Greenville is so beautiful, clean and friendly. It is by far the best downtown I've ever experienced with small town Southern charm and everything you'd find in a much bigger city. You can tell everyone there takes great pride in the downtown. It's not just touristy - it's very much a part of everyday life. There's even an Anthropology downtown - I've never seen one outside a mall. Restaurants, breweries, shops, every sort of business, an old-timely general store and a beautiful park complete with a suspension bridge and waterfalls! This picture is on top of the bridge overlooking Falls Park on the Reedy.

We may not be able to eat at all the amazing restaurants here in just four years. But we will have fun trying! We had Trio for lunch, Smoke on the Water for happy hour and supper at Blue Ridge Brewery. Our eating out strategy is to have drinks and appetizer then split an entre. The spicy crab dip at Smoke was amazing! I can see many nights on their patio in the future.

Thursday night was the season opener of Music on Main. So we caught the free trolley from the West End and watched a bit.

We looked at houses and have met some really nice people. We know what area we would ideally like to be in - close to the hospital and close to downtown. We drove by Greenville Health Systems and took a few photos (of course). The highlight for me was meeting a friend from college, Pace, for coffee Friday morning! I don't think we've seen each other in at least five years but we picked right back up like we were back in Martin-Stockard! This trip made us even more excited about our upcoming move. I know we will really miss our wonderful friends, family and friends who are like family in Jackson! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Birthdays and More

In the crazy haze that was last weekend I made a quick trip to Oxford to celebrate Mary Thorne and Poppy's first birthday! How cute are they?

Can you tell they enjoyed their cake?

Elizabeth Magee had so fun opening gifts! She has had a lot of practice since turning 3 last month!

But we can't forget "the real" Uncle Thomas (not to be confused with EM's beloved CPR doll) celebrated a birthday too last week! I don't have a birthday pic so this one is from Thanksgiving!

On the moving front we have made progress. My to-do list needs its own to-do list there is so much work to be done!

Ryan cleaned out his pharmacy and med school files. Wow! He got six big boxs down to one.

I have sold four pieces of furniture on Craigslist and am making progress towards a yard sale. If you're interested here are two pieces: and More to come!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Match Day!

Friday one of the speakers at Match Day described the day as a mix between the Academy Awards and NFL draft for nerds. It was definitely nerve wrecking!

The fun started on Thursday night at Duling Hall and then at Babalo and Fondren Public.

I think Ryan finally got to sleep about the time I woke up at 5 on Friday morning! Match Day!!!

There was a breakfast at River Hills before the ceremony. We decided I must be a nervous eater based on the amount of bacon I consumed!

Then it was off to the Marriott downtown! Can you tell this crew is excited?

Such sweet friends! Chandler was one of the first to get called and Julie next to last. Each person drew a name of who would be called next to come on stage and open their envelope to see where they matched. Everyone put $5 in a bag and the last person called got the pot. So suspenseful! 

Greenville, South Carolina! Ryan says he didn't peak until he got to the microphone! We were shocked - and very happy!

We are so glad these friends are going to Anderson, SC so we will some company about 30 minutes away! 

So very proud of Ryan! The weekend continued with more parties at River Hills and the Manship. I think we've seen more of his classmates this week than all four years combined!

And the only picture I have of Greenville from the 24 hours we spent there in December:

Our soon-to-be home! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Coast Fun and a Win

This was my beautiful view for a few days last week. It's been a couple of years since I've visited the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I was so impressed with how good everything looks! I recently read the book Rising From Katrina and it gave me a whole new appreciation of what everyone there went through!

Jane lasted about five minutes on the beach but managed to look like a movie star! She was glad her Mamie was there to take her back to the house!

DeeDee and I attempted a selfie during a bike ride....we may need to practice!

I just love Jane's red hair!

In other news Ryan and I have continued our tennis and Sunday evening I won during a two-hour match 6-3, 6-4!!! He usually wins so this was a big deal:)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend in Oxford

We spent the weekend in Oxford and it was so nice! It's been about a year since we spent a weekend there and we enjoyed every minute!

We started off on Friday evening with drinks on the balcony at the Burgundy Room followed by dinner at Old Venice. It was a little cooler than I expected but we didn't have to compete for a good seat!

I can't go to Oxford without getting the crawfish roll at Old Venice - anything with  crawfish, shrimp, bacon, smoked Gouda, cream cheese, onions and peppers has to be amazing!

On Saturday we played tennis at Avent Park - we did that most Saturdays when we lived in Oxford. Even though we haven't played for ages, and our balls had very little bounce in them, we played better than expected.

We went to the basketball (after a quick lunch at Abner's) and watched Katelyn perform at halftime. She did great and was the cutest one out there!

She was so excited that they got to keep the pom poms!

After a long walk we finished the day with one more crawfish roll at Old Venice and then enjoyed shrimp and grits at Boure. 

We came home Sunday morning but not before enjoying Shipley's doughnuts for breakfast! I think we may need to fast this week!

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Stack

I have no good excuse for not updating in so long except that between the end of October and mid-January we made a total of 12 interview trips across the Southeast! I was a little leary of advertising our empty house on cyper world!

But now all that traveling, praying and worrying has been turned in to the mysterious Match computer and we are in the waiting game for March 21st!!!! And that brings me to this:

The's our folders and notes and program material on the nine programs Ryan ranked. It's been sitting on the buffet for months (through dinner parties and all!). It's amassed an almost susperstious status for me. Which one will we need? We wrote down names of people we met, areas they suggested living, the places we ate and, of course, the program information on med-peds. I can't bring myself to move it and in just TWO weeks we can throw all but one away!