Thursday, August 14, 2014


Every few months I get on a running kick. I am not a natural runner. I've run off-and-on since college but have never gotten a "runner's high." I actually really doubt if exists! Anyway, over the last two weeks I've made progress - over 8 miles in six runs. Which I know is nothing compared to most people who run but for me is a lot! I use the Nike running app - it keeps me motivated and it cheers for you at the end which I find very rewarding!

The app is saying my pace was slower today, but I actually attempted to run up a few hills! Attempted being the key word - I think a turtle passed me at one point. Our street is at the crest of a hill and if I venture off it, there's at least one major hill involved! Now if only the app gave results in more real-life terms:

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