Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back at Home

Warning: long post and a ridiculous amount of pictures ahead! I'm making up for my lack of blogging over the last week with a major overload.

They say you can't go home again, but I have to disagree! Maybe it's because Senatobia rarely changes or because all my loved ones still live in the same houses they have for all of my memory. I love being at Net's pool and only knowing the time when the church bells start ringing. I love that I know {and are related to many} who lives in just about every house on my walking route. Senatobia is a lovely small town and great place to be from. I always leave the "Five Star City" wishing for a few more days. Needless to say, Sis and I and her girls had a wonderful visit. We played tennis three days in a row (haven't done that together since high school) and she won every set. Which I think is how it usually ended in high school. We laughed at the hill we used to hate running before tennis practice. It is a small slope compared to Birmingham and Greenville hills!

We saw Aunt Lucile (who is making a remarkably speedy recovering from knee replacement surgery) just about every day and got to visit with her granddaughter, Sara, and great-granddaughter, Lucy Kate. Which was a great surprise because our visits home never line up! Margaret and her mini-me, Sidney Kate, came to Net's pool for a swim and it was so good to catch up. We realized it had been a year since her we last saw each other. On Tuesday Dr. Ethelyn was in town tending to her house and I had a much longed-for visit with her. She put me right to work cleaning out a cabinet. We found a new set of kittens outside her door and it took all my self-control not to come home with one.

I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoyed being home so I'll let the pictures tell the story.

I drove to Birmingham and got in the car with these sweet girls. We did lots of silly things like put lovies on our heads to stay happy. It was about five hours to Birmingham and then a little less than four from there to Senatobia. From left: Mary Thorne with Bunny, Elizabeth Magee with Lambie and Poppy with Dog. The second half was much better, albeit louder, than the first!

Mom had a chocolate birthday cake for Sis and I to share. First time every we've shared a cake so, of course, we gave her a hard time about this as she made a big effort to make us feel like we had individual birthdays every year! Net came over and we celebrated 31 with lasagna and cake.

Friday we spent the day at the playgound and in Net's pool. I do not see how Sis takes all three to the pool by herself. Even one-on-one defense was difficult! Elizabeth Magee is into goggles.

One morning I saw this beautiful sunrise on my walk. The perk of being on Eastern time was that I saw lots of pretty sunrises! 

Mary Thorne is into music. She starts bouncing whenever she hears a tune. Needless to say, she was extra impressed with Warren and his guitar and piano playing. There's a video of this in the post below. Net cooked pancakes for Warren, his friend, Julie, and me. Julie declared they were just as good as she had heard!

We went over to Ms. Ellen's to see her horse, Buck. EM kept asking to go see Pete and Angel. This was our distraction technique! Poppy was the brave one and the first to pet the horse. EM thought it was great that Ms. Ellen is Frank's "Ticer" (one of her best friends in Birmingham whose dad grew up with us). They grew up across the street from each other and have lots of fun stories about riding horses!

Ms. Ellen taught us all how to ride and I think I loved our visit way more than the girls!

Saturday night Dad treated us all to the Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers with Edie Brickell  at the Snowden Grove Amphitheater. He was so funny and the music was great! His advice on making it in the music world? Be famous for something else first.

Sunday morning we headed to Lake Sardis. Once again, Poppy proved to be Miss Braveheart and was the only one not scared of the boat! 

Mary Thorne preferred the boat when it was standing still. I'm sure that will change! Afterwards, we went back to the pool where Aunt Sis impressed Elizabeth Magee with her cannon ball skills. I knocked a contact loose in the process and spent the rest of the day a little dizzy. 

After naptime we went over to Ryan's parents house to see their chickens. This was a bit hit! There was a baby chicken that kept jumping on his mama's back. 

Later that afternoon we went over to Net's house and had (really, really good) fried chicken with Aunt Carole and Uncle Buford. They moved West into his dorm at the Mississippi School of Math and Science this weekend - he is so excited and we are all so proud of him!

We spent lots of time just playing in the living room. Poppy and Mary Thorne both love a rocking horse. Uncle Buford gave this one to Sis and me when we were their age! 

On Monday Oliver's mom and grandmother came to see the girls and I so enjoyed getting to see them. We went to Penny's Pantry for lunch and I think half of Senatobia was in there. Ryan was so glad I saw his all time favorite English teacher, Mrs. Still. I left them there and met my friend Jenna Lee in Hernando for lunch. We had such a good visit that ended at the Dip with a chocolate milkshake. I couldn't leave Hernando without stopping to see these cute kids - Harper will be in 4th grade and Silas in 4k. Can't believe that!

Monday afternoon Mom and Dad took EM to the children's museum. She came back talking about how Frank was too old to be a doctor and would have to leave that up to Uncle Ryan! Apparently the doctor section sparked some deep conversations. 

Siggi being silly. My parents are amazing grandparents.

I painted EM's toes and nails and then she painted my mine! Mom chose this moment to tell me she was out of finger nail polish remover (she really wasn't). She's so funny.

Tuesday morning we went on a long walk while Sis had her CE class in Memphis. We stopped by Net's to visit with her and Aunt Renie who was in town for a doctor's appointment in Memphis. EM was impressed that Aunt Renie is Net's big sister just like she is the big sister. 

Poppy was upset because she wanted to be crawling in the strolling like Mary Thorne is doing in the background. Who knew strollers were so fun?

The "naked ladies" all over town were beautiful. Elizabeth Magee thought the name was so funny when Aunt Lucile told her what they were called. She kept asking "Why are they naked?"

National Twin Day is something I've never heard of but if the Today Show declares it to be, it must be true! We took this twin picture the next day! Please note that Poppy is sitting on my lap. She has finally decided that Aunt Sis is not a horrible clone of her mother. And, in fact, usually says "yes" when Mama would say "no."

We were all a little sad to leave but happy to be back at the same time. EM said, "I want to stay in Senatobia forever." The ride back was long but we made it to Birmingham Tuesday before dark. Mary Thorne loved grossing us all out on the way home by sucking on her chocolate covered toes. She is a ham. 

I got home yesterday afternoon and am now playing catch up with a very messy house, lots of laundry and dirty dogs! Home sweet home. 


Elizabeth said...

I so miss you! I love your commentary! I miss you by the way! Great visit it appears. Did you know I miss you? I do. Chad is going to the bank to apply to get a mortgage to buy your house, but I miss you nonetheless

Kara Paulk said...

I miss you Pippa!!! I hope it works out for Chad --- ya'll will take over that corner:)

Anonymous said...

Love being mentioned in your blog :)- Sara