Thursday, July 24, 2014

Time Warp

Isn't it funny how a song or picture or smell can take you back to a certain moment in time? Last week I posted a picture of an underwater digital camera on Instagram that we found when we were packing up our house. Neither of us had any clue what was on it, but it still had a few pictures left so I took it along paddleboarding to use the rest of it. Side note: The kid Jennie and I asked to take our picture with it asked us what it was! He didn't seem to believe us that it was a camera. That made me feel really old.

Anyway, I picked up the pictures from Wally World (it cost $11 and took over a week, my how the times have changed!) and couldn't believe what was on there!

In Hardy, Arkansas with Rhetta and Daniel on a canoeing trip. Pepe got so put out with Ryan and me in the canoe. He kept making us tip over and after one time to many he swam over to their canoe. They let him right in. Pepe has always loved Daniel! 

The summer we all moved to Jackson for the fifth year of pharmacy school, Becca and Bryan and Ryan and I camped out at Gulf Shores for a week. Yes, camped. We had no money, but really wanted a beach vacation! But we had so much fun and the weather was perfect and not too hot yet. We ate Poptarts for breakfast, junk food for lunch and went out to eat every night. 

It's amazing to think that in such a relatively short period of time (7 years), that the way we document our lives has changed so much. For the most part, I love digital cameras and smartphones, but there is a certain thrill in opening that white envelope and seeing your pictures for the first time! I could hardly contain my glee at the photo counter in Wal-mart (now located at the very back of the store).

And, finally, the picture that introduced two young guys to the underwater disposable camera - paddleboarding with Jennie. Now they will probably be able to correctly identify it on a game show in the future.

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