Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1

For about a year now July 1 has been this big looming day on the calendar when residency officially starts. Nationwide, all residents started or moved up a year yesterday. This is big deal to the 25,687 new physicians who matched back in March. Ryan is (thankfully!) one of them, and yesterday was just a tad stressful for him. I did take a first day picture but he made me promise not to put it on the internet so here are pictures from my day instead!

When you get up at 4:30 a.m. it's easy to get all your work done by 8. I went for a trail ride with two friends before YMCA camp started. This is Soñadora - Sonya for short - a wonderful Tennessee Walker mare. I usually prefer geldings to mares, but she seems pretty calm and collected!

It was my last day to volunteer with the YMCA horse camp and I enjoyed it so, so much. It was great to be busy while Ryan was busy with orientation. I've met some really nice people and some awesome kids. I loved seeing a child's first ride on a horse. They were all amazed and so proud of themselves! And, of course, wanted to ride again!

I challenge you to find an 8 year old girl who doesn't fall in love with a horse named after a Disney character! Gaston was very popular. He may have gotten a bit of a big head!

Jordan invited me over to watch the World Cup game. Her husband and Ryan are on the same rotation this month. We looked at the calendar to see when they would both be off on the same night so we could do dinner and we couldn't find one!

The dogs started looking for Ryan about 6 p.m. Pepe gets very disturbed when he thinks his supper may be late. He finally got home around 9 p.m. We were all glad to see him!

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