Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

When we were looking at houses there were certain things we wanted. We wanted a fireplace, a backyard that would be good for the dogs and two bathrooms. We got all but that last one! And as a bonus, an enclosed garden in the backyard. This, for me, was the selling point on this house. It's got six raised beds, a compost bin and a rain barrel water catching thing. Gravel in between the beds keeps the weeds out.

I planted a few things the week after we moved in - about a month ago - and I've loved watching everything grow. We've had a few days of good, steady rain and it's really helped. Here are some pictures I snapped this morning.

I love that the fence keeps the dogs out. Particularly Scout. He just seems to want to go where he's not supposed to!

One of the tomatoes is starting to turn red. It seems like this has taken forever, but I think all the rain we've had the last few days had done the trick. The rain has also made the weeds grow. But at least they'll be easy to pull up!

Bell peppers

Celery and Tabasco pepper plants

I'm excited to make chili rellanos with this pablona pepper plant. The leaves on this plant aren't looking too healthy. I just got it a week ago at the farmer's market and the transplant was a little hard on it. 

Strawberries - these actually came up from what the previous owner planted. The strawberries have been so sweet and I've been eaten before I get to the back door. 

Basil, squash and some other kind of pepper. The squash does good until it flowers and then it seems like the whole plant just dies. Has anyone had this happen? Not sure what I should do! Also, not pictured, are runner beans and cucumber plants. 

As soon as the rain stops I'm going to prepare the back two beds for fall vegetables. According to a flyer from the Clemson Extension Service this between now and the middle of August is the time to plant for the Piedmont area. I'm hoping to try broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuce and mustard greens. 

This is the look I get when he wants to go outside. 

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