Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Falls Creek Falls Waterfall


There are about 30 waterfalls in the upcountry and on Saturday afternoon we set our eyes on this one - Falls Creek Falls. I read it was a "strenuous 1.7 miles." I think there should have been a "very, very" added to that before strenuous! Ryan's watch shows elevation and we went up about 1,000 feet. Basically, it was straight up the entire way to the falls.

I think Ryan is part billy goat. He just bounded up the mountain like he did it every day. Meanwhile, I was huffing and puffing like a life long smoker with an oxygen tank. And I'm the one who walks three miles a day! 

The temperature at the falls was 65 - about 20 degrees cooler than when we started!

We climbed up the side of the waterfall and this was the view. Beautiful! The next day on the local news they reported that a hiker at Jones Gap State Park (where this is) hadn't come in from the day before. After 15 hours he was found hanging upside and wrapped in muscadine vines! Thankfully, he is going to be okay!


Lee and Kim said...

This is really cool! I seriously laughed out loud when I read the part about Ryan being a billy goat while you're a chain smoker. haha! Glad y'all are finding time for a little fun!!

muneeb khatri said...

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