Monday, July 7, 2014

A few firsts on the Fourth

Friday was full of a few firsts. Try saying that tongue-twister a few times! Since Ryan and Craig were both working the holiday, Jennie and I decided to make a day of it and try a few new things. We had so much fun!

1. Blueberry Picking - Blueberry Hill Farm is on Paris Mountain and pretty close to our house. We each picked a gallon of blueberries in no time (and that was with a considerable amount of sampling!). It was Jennie's first time to pick blueberries and my first time to pick South Carolina blueberries. Which I'm happy to report are just as tasty as Mississippi blueberries!

2. Paddleboarding on Lake Keowee - Jennie gets all the credit for this activity! I really wasn't even sure what paddleboarding was before we got to the One With the Ride store. For those who don't know, you stand on a huge board and paddle. Exactly like it sounds!

The boards are big but not that heavy. We had no trouble strapping them to the roof of my car. I sent Ryan a picture of this and it was the first time he's called me while at the hospital - he may have been a a little worried!

My first attempt to stand up. It really wasn't difficult until a passing boat or jet ski made waves. Jennie managed to stay up, but I kept falling! Or thinking I was going to fall so I jumped (the most embarrassing was in front of a large family who did their best not to laugh!). Finally, I told Jennie she needed to give me a pity fall. She jumped right in. 

The scenery at Lake Keowee was gorgeous. The Blue Ridge Mountains are in the background, and the homes along the lake are beautiful. 

3. Downtown Fireworks - Ryan surprised us by being home when we got back. Craig, unfortunetly was still working, but the three of us cooked out and then went downtown to watch the fireworks. So fun and so many people!

Overall, a wonderful July 4th weekend. I was sad to hear though that Louis Zamperini - the World War II hero whose story is told in the book "Unbroken" - died on July 2nd. CBS Sunday Morning showed a great profile on him yesterday morning. You can see it here. A life well-lived and an inspiration to many!

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