Monday, June 16, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

We have one more "fun" day before Ryan starts orientation and then residency on July 1. We are both getting a little nervous. Last week on our trip, we sat next to a retired couple from San Antonio - he was an pediatric orthopedic surgeon who had been a veterinarian and then gone to medical school, residency, served two years in the Air Force, and then completed his fellowship. His wife was very encouraging to me - she said just enjoy it all, dear!

On Sunday afternoon we took our bikes and checked out the southern tip of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The sign warning of a 9% grade made me a little weary. Luckily, we ended near the zoo where there were snow cones!


Notice my new bike basket! 

Ryan's parents were here over the last few days and we had fun showing them around. It's so nice to live in a place where there's lots to go do and see!

A local theater company puts on two Shakespeare plays every weekend in Falls Park. This was the last weekend for the first show, "Two Gentlemen from Verona."

On Saturday the pet store was having a deal on vaccinations so we took Pepe and Scout. Once Scout noticed there was a box of mice, he never moved a muscle! I'm happy to report that he has had no opportunity to catch any of these creatures in our new house. 

Pepe being cool. How many dogs can pull off this look?

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