Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pete's Second Career

A few of my regular readers have asked how Pete is doing so I thought I'd give a report. Pete has come out of his "retirement" with his new owners, and I am so happy to report that he is healthy and happy and very much loved! I came across this old picture of him and sent it to his owners - they couldn't believe how much his color had changed.

Me and Pete - probably in 1995 or '96. 

Pete and Abby - look at his white face - he's so distinguished!

Pete is once again King of the Pasture, Steed Unstoppable. 
And, of course, cool enough to rock some sunglasses!

Helping Pete find a new home was such a good, but hard, decision. He was lonely after his pasture-mate died. I knew we were going to move even farther away from him and moving him with us was not an option. Horses are herd animals. They thrive in a group. I've so enjoyed following his journey and so thankful to his owners for keeping me in the loop!

I follow the group Mississippi Horses on Facebook and it is heartbreaking to see the number of horses out there who have been neglected or abandoned. If you're thinking about getting a horse, please consider a rescue! Groups like this have professional trainers who work with each horse before they are placed in a home. In all likelihood you will get better trained horse than you would otherwise!

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