Saturday, June 7, 2014

Off the Beaten Path

My parents sent us the book Off the Beaten Path South Carolina and I read just about the whole thing in line at the DMV this week. (I guess getting a driver's license is just a pain no matter where you live - I had to go back three different times before all my documents were in order!). Anyway, the book is wonderful and witty and full of great advice about what to see, do and eat.

South Carolina is divided up into the "low country" around Charleston and the coast, the "Fall Line" around the middle of the state, and the "up country." Greenville is in the upcountry, as is Strom Thurmond's hometown of Edgefield. Here's a passage that we found hilarious about Edgefield:

The most famous trial at the courthouse here was the one of Becky Cotton, born 1780. She killed her first husband by running a mattress needle through his heart; she poisoned her second; and she split the head of her third with an ax. The trial was even more interesting than the murders. While the evidence was overwhelming, her beauty was too much for the judge and jury. No only was she acquitted, one of the jurymen became her fourth husband.

Unlike "The Devil in Petticoats," as Becky Cotton was called at the time, I like me husband and am trying to soak up every bit of "fun" time together before residency starts week after next! Since the house is about 75 percent unpacked, we've been exploring the areas around Greenville this week.

On Wednesday we met our friends Francie and David in Anderson and spent the afternoon at Lake Hartwell (where we camped the night before we closed on the house). It was a beautiful summer day and the lake water was a beautiful green-blue. I'd packed us a picnic lunch of pimento cheese, fried chicken, cantaloupe and brownies.

Afterwards they showed us around Anderson and we did a tour of the Palmetto Moonshine distillery. The only legal moonshine in the state.

In front of the copper stills - the big one holds 1,000 gallons of moonshine!

Four types: corn, peach, blackberry and apple cinnamon. I liked the peach best!

We cooked out at Francie and David's new house for supper and really enjoyed these grilled jalapenos stuffed with grilled tuna and cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. Yum! It was fun to see their new house and all the work they've done!

*  *  *  *  *
Right after Match Day I got a Living Social e-mail about a riding stable outside of Greenville. It looked like a sign to me that all was going to be a-okay, and I immediately contacted the owner, Kristin, about leasing a horse. We've e-mailed back and forth several times and on Thursday morning finally met in real life!

Sassy Stables is about 20 minutes away from our house in Woodruff and the most perfect pleasure barn with an arena and lots of trails. Ryan rode Harley - a Missouri fox trotter - and I rode Sonya - a Tennessee Walker. Sonya reminded me of a smaller version of Sally, the the first horse my dad bought in 1994. Harley is the first gaited horse Ryan has ever ridden, and he couldn't get over the difference in the smoothness compared to Pete even though the two horses have the same short and stocky body type. I'm already looking forward to going back soon!

We've got some projects to finish up this weekend - mainly making sure Scout can't get out of the backyard - and are planning a trip to Charleston. Anyone with recommendations, please let me know!

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