Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New (to me) Farmer's Market Recipes

The South Carolina Farmer's Market is less than a mile from our house and is open six days a week. I am in love! It has a cold room that feels like it's 32 degrees. Everything is sourced as locally as possible with most things right now coming from Georgia. I'm trying to figure out the schedule of the blackberry truck because I keep missing it!

I've tried a couple of new recipes that we have both really like! New Orleans chef John Besh's sweet potato chips are pictured below. You can find the recipe here on his website.

When I made these Brussels sprouts Ryan said they were so good they tasted like Paula Deen's! That's exactly what they were - her recipe is here. We were too busy eating to take a picture of the finished product, but here's the before. Did you hear that Paula is going to have a new internet show? Here's a great story about her upcoming nationwide tour. 

I'm well aware that these two recipes may not be the healthiest way to eat veggies since they require either bacon, bacon grease, or both. But everything in moderation!

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