Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Like Peaches

Did you know that South Carolina grows more peaches than any other state besides California? I always figured Georgia was the main grower of peaches. Our neighbors brought us a bag of peaches from Greer and they were wonderful. Since we couldn't eat them all before we left, I froze them using this method from Better Homes and Gardens.

Make a cross mark on the underside of each peach.

Drop in boiling water for about a minute. Then immediately transfer to ice cold water (this stops the cooking process). They will then be easy to peel, slice and store in ziplock bags. The BHG site suggested adding sugar, but these were so sweet I decided not to add anything!

Hopefully, there will some peach cobbler in our near future! I hummed "I like peaches, my nose itches, yonder comes a man with a hole in his britches" the whole time I was putting up these peaches. I'm not sure where that poem originated but I learned it from my grandfather, Papa Carrel, and think ot it every time I eat a peach!

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