Friday, June 20, 2014

Have a Happy Weekend

This has felt almost like a "normal" week with Ryan going to orientation and me getting back into the swing of work. I spent a few days with Gaston and some incredibly cute YMCA campers at Sassy Stables. The little girls were very excited to hear his name was Gaston - just like in "Beauty and the Beast"! - and we may have sang a few bars from the Gaston song! The boys were excited to talk about how big his boogers and other bodily functions must be. 

One night there was a peds and med/peds get-together and it was so nice to meet Ryan's fellow residents and their spouses. There's people from all over and nearby which makes for great conversation. A guy from Wisconsin told me that Southern people sure do seem to be into their food! Last night we watched the Ole Miss World Series game at some Mississippi friends' house. Amber and Ryan were in the same pharmacy class and Sam is starting is 4th year of med/peds here. So nice to see people from home and talk Ole Miss. Plus, the game was wonderful! Hotty Toddy!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Ryan has orientation through the weekend, but I'm hoping he will get off more time than the schedule indicates. We have an internal medicine get-together tonight and I have plans to see a family friend on Saturday. 

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