Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting Settled and a First Bike Ride

I've forgotten how long it takes to get a house unpacked! What I thought we'd be able to do last Thursday got *mostly* done by Sunday afternoon. Here's a couple of updated pictures (scroll down to last week's post for the before shots!).

The living room

The dining room and kitchen  

Full disclosure - the house stayed this clean for about as long as it took to take the pictures!

We've also taken some time to do some fun stuff! One morning last week we took the morning off from unpacking to try out the Swamp Rabbit trail. We rode our bikes from our house towards downtown - about a mile and a half. First we checked out this cute park that has tennis courts, a children's play area and a put put course. We can't wait to try this out!

Then we continued towards downtown and noticed this - a children's history garden. I just had to stop and explore - it's my favorite thing we've seen so far! There were a few children there, but I think I was having more fun than they were! There was a plant representing each letter in the alphabet, a huge bronze Indian statue surrounded by Native American plants, a story book section with quotes from different books along with corresponding plants, and more. What a great idea for a garden club project! 

This is taken in front of part of the falls at the Reedy Park downtown. The Swamp Rabbit Trail (I think) is about 30 miles long. I see lots of bike rides in the near future! 


Lee and Kim said...
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Lee and Kim said...

Cute, cute!! Your posts are really making me want to visit. :) And your house is coming along so nicely!!