Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First weekend in SC

Our first weekend here was low-key and relaxing. We had some things planned that got cancelled because of the weather, but it really worked out for the best! Friday afternoon we toasted our unpacking progress at home with champagne and cheese and then tried out Grill Marks downtown for supper. There are so many good eating options in downtown Greenville that we were having trouble deciding where to go for supper. So we picked a starting point and are going to eat our way up one side of Main Street and down the other!

I had the Low Country Burger with pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes and coleslaw. It was divine! Ryan had the "Our Famous Chicken Corn Chowder" and it was delicious too! We are really going to have to get into bike riding and hiking to burn off all the good food we've been eating!

Saturday morning our neighbors came over and offered to take us to the Farmers' Market and show us their favorite shortcuts around town. Which was so nice because Greenville does not seem to be designed on a block grid and the same street will change names about five times. Very confusing! We also checked out a shooting range. I told Peggy I think Ryan has found a kindred spirit in Don!

My stash from the FM included: milk, eggs, Brussels sprouts, local stone ground grits, green tomatoes, Swiss chard, mustard and turnip greens and tomato sauce. 

I have never been so thankful for my iPhone and Facetime as I have been in the last two weeks! Saturday was Katelyn's birthday and the first one I think both of us have ever missed. But we loved getting to Facetime with her on Saturday. Can't wait for their visit in a few months!

The only calamity of the move was that Ryan's cooler full of frozen duck unthawed and so we ended up having to cook it all last week. I tried John Bech's duck gumbo recipe. Mine didn't turn out as pretty (and I  
didn't have any oysters), but it was really good!

We tried out a church on Sunday morning and then went out for breakfast. Sunday afternoon the guy came to hook up our outdoor antenna. I was really beginning to have withdrawals from TV - especially the Today show! I can't help it - I'm hooked! We are starting to feel settled and are, thankfully, done with all the "big" things that needed to be done before Ryan starts orientation.

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