Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This weekend was a learning experience for me as far as my expectations of our life during residency! The "honeymoon" phase is over and real life has begun. But that's okay! On Saturday, Ryan got home about four hours after expected and Sunday just over an hour late. I'm so thankful for the many friends I've watched go through this whole residency journey!

When Ryan first started medical school, my friend's mother advised me to have a hobby you can do - and really enjoy doing - by yourself. For the most part, I do well with keeping myself entertained on the weekends when Ryan is studying or working (although Ryan says that he can tell I never had to play by myself as a child - thanks to Sis!).

On Saturday I checked out the farmer's market downtown. It was a like a festival there were so many people and so many vendors! I got a lime tree.

I had a lovely visit and lunch with a family friend - Lu - who I haven't seen since high school! When Marthe came to visit us during the summer of 2000, Net and Granddaddy drove Sis, Marthe and me to New Orleans where we spent a week with our cousin Aileen. She showed us a great time in New Orleans and Lu had us all over for dinner a few times. Extra special for her since she had spent 10 months in Norway with the WHO. We had a great time catching up and went to Costco and out to lunch.

Waiting for "Jaws" to start at the Swamp Rabbit Brewery with our new friends, Jennie and Craig.

Sunday morning I went to breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe and church with Jennie, fellow intern wife, Jordan, and Sarah (who as a rising second year intern, assured us all that this would pass!). It was nice to have a breakfast date with friends - it felt a little like vacation! Especially since we went shopping after church.

I still haven't nailed down a walking route, but Pepe is hoping this pond becomes part of it! Notice the geese fleeing in the background.  

Sunday night we were part of the 25 million Americans who watched the World Cup. It was my first soccer game to really watch - and it helped that we watched with people who could explain all the plays and rules! I can't believe we have almost lived here a month. 

(The top picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post, I just liked it! It's from the free photo source Unsplash - a website offering copyright free hi-res photos).

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