Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Book club

Is there anything better than getting so engrossed in a book you lose track of time? Maybe a few things, but not many! I love finding a real page turner (definition: a book that requires one's utmost attention to the point of telling white lies to avoid everyday necessary tasks like cooking and bathing).

I love hearing about what others are reading and keep a running list on my phone so that I can have a handy list at the library. For a few years I was in a great book club, but then life kept getting in the way. Because all fun things always fall on the same night, right? Anyway, I love reading and discussing books and hope this thoroughly-not-original-idea of a virtual book club (I think Oprah gets credit for that!) might be a way to do that with friends.

Anyway, if your interested, please follow along! You can leave a comment in the comments section if you wish or just follow along anonymously. I'll tag each of these posts with "Book Club" so you can always find it by clicking on the tag in the sidebar.

I'd love to hear your suggestions off books? Here's one I thought we could start with:

This one was suggested to me my a lady from New York in a restaurant in Charleston. So if it's awful we can blame her!

Here's part of the Publishers Weekly review: Simultaneously a page-turner and a book one has to put down occasionally to think about and absorb, Moriarty's novel challenges the reader as well as her characters, but in the best possible way.

There's no time commitment - just be warned the comments could contain spoiler alerts!


annabclark said...

I read this and really liked it. :)

If you haven't read Fault in our Stars, that was good too. (and I read it before it was 'famous')

I read Gone Girl too, and it has a movie coming out this fall. It is different.

Kara Paulk said...

Glad you liked it Anna!!! Fault in our Stars on my list. I'm going to add Gone Girl!

Ira Paulk said...

I picked up two books at Costco this weekend. "Bad Monkey" and "The Dog That Fly". 1st is fiction by Carl Hiaassen. The second is non-fiction about a pilot in WWII and his dog that flew with him. Haven't started it but I know it will be great. Hiassenn always writes about Fla usually around the Everglades. Mystery/comedy. I have read lots of his books.

Kara Paulk said...

Ira - Those both sound great! I've not read anything by Hiassenn but will add him to my list:)