Monday, June 9, 2014

A little DIY success and diaster

Saturday marked two weeks in our new house! And we had two goals:

1. Get the back yard fenced so Scout the Houdini can't escape.

2. Purchase a mattress and box springs for the full bed in the bonus room.

Of the two, we figured mending the fence would be the hardest so we tackled it first. Three sides of the yard is fenced with regular wooden boards, but there are a few spots that a previous owner patched with dried bamboo stalks. This would be alright for Pepe, but Scout will find a way through the first time he gets bored. Plus there are a couple of dogs behind us that he has already showed interest in getting to know! Along the fourth side of the yard is a chain-link fence that we know he can jump - he showed off this skill the last time he stayed with my parents!

I'm glad Ryan's so handy, because I definitely am not with power tools! I'm more helpful with insisting everybody wear safety glasses and drink lots of fluids. It takes all kinds, right?

We attached rabbit guard wire fencing (came in a 50 foot roll) along the top of the chain-linked fence. Hopefully this will keep Scout contained.

We did not anticipate not being able to get the box springs upstairs. The set was unreturnable since we got it on clearance. So after much debate, Ryan and our neighbor, Don, decided they'd get it up one way or another.

Another turned out to be our only choice and there is now a hole in my house! Ryan swears he can fix this:

I'm just trying to not look up at the huge hole in my previously beautiful wall!!!

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