Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet Good-byes

Last night Laura and Thomas hosted the sweetest "goodbye" party at their house for us! I walked in and told Thomas I thought I'd cry everything was so nice, but he told me NOT to do that! So, amazingly, I didn't cry all night. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful, sweet, kind, loving, drop-everything-and-come-help type friends. Words cannot express how much I love these people!

John Eric, Jane, Thomas and Laura. DeeDee was working but we caught up later in the night! DeeDee and I joke that Jane has "her people." She does this cute little point and wave thing when she wants one of "her people" to come closer. I think she initiated Laura into "her people." 

Michelle and I have gotten to know each other through a neighborhood Bible study. I've know her for years and she and Ryan just met last night! Neither of us realized they'd never met! Her three girls line up exactly age wise with Elizabeth Magee, Mary Thorne and Poppy.

Emily and I got to know each other last summer at our Jr. League project, but our paths have crossed many times - her parents are good friends with my friend Crady's parents, she and Sis roomed together at a Methodist youth thing in high school and she was getting her master's at Millsaps while I was working there! Small world!

Russell and Ryan are already counting down until duck season starts again. I think they kind of look a like? 

Chad and Kristen. Our first neighbors. Our first couple friends that we made as a couple. Chad found out Ryan got into med school before Ryan did. They were at our house and Chad was playing with Ryan's new iPod and checked his e-mail. He said,  "You may want to look at this Ryan!"

I don't want to leave when I look at this picture! I've loved living in the same town as my brother and I love that Laura and I have gotten to be such good friends. Okay, I'm crying now so I must move on!

After the party we went to Pig & Pint in Fondren with Kristen and Chad. Kristen had her first beer. Ever. It was peach. 

No pictures of the next part of the night, but after the Pig we went to DeeDee and John Eric's and DeeDee and I boohooed. And then planned their trip to Greenville!

The language of friendship is not words but meanings. – Henry David Thoreau

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