Monday, May 26, 2014

Stories of Courage

Until a few years ago I felt like I didn't have any true connection to the war going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. I follow the news and know of people who were deployed, but until I met two friends I had no knowledge of the personal side of the war for the families involved. I met Karie and Rachel - both recent war widows - at a writing conference a couple of years ago. We had a great time gettting to know each other at the conference and had a really fun night out on Times Square. We've kept up through Facebook and each other's blogs. Karie writes "Wife of a Wounded Marine" and Rachel writes "A Little Pink in the World of Camo."

Rachel is going to be featured on a Memorial Day Special "Stories of Courage: Posts from the Homefront" on USA today! Here's the clip:

Happy Memorial Day and many thanks to all the veterans out there for all you do and have done!

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