Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our New House

We officially move in on Saturday, but we spent the night in our new house in Greenville on Tuesday night. We're so excited - and overwhelmed - and so excited - with all we have to do before Saturday morning. So for now I'll just post some pictures and let this cute little cottage speak for itself!

We're in the North Main neighborhood and within walking distance to downtown. I love the little side porch! It has a great front yard and backyard with a sectioned off garden area. 

From the kitchen looking towards the living room. The house was built in the '40s and has hardwood floors throughout. 

The living room from walking in the front door. We are so excited to have a real fireplace. 
Santa better come this year since he now has a chimney!

From the living room looking towards the dining room and kitchen. 

One of the bedrooms with a large built in closet (i.e. some creative person created a closet out of a corner!). 

The bathroom - I love the sink! 

The second bedroom with built in night stands. 

Standing at the fireplace looking towards the front door. 

In the kitchen - the laundry room is on the right and leads out to the backyard. On the left is a staircase to the bonus room upstairs. 

I was so glad to see that the bonus room had more storage than I remembered. There's a couple of closets and some attic space. The downstairs is 852 square feet so we have some creative storage solutions in our near future. Pinterest has taken on a whole new level of importance for me!

We met our neighbors and they were really nice and welcoming. One even told us he was glad that some "damn Yankees" hadn't bought the house! He and Ryan discussed squirrel hunting. I think we'll fit right in!

If you know anyone moving to Greenville I must recommend our Realtor, Greg Taylor. He has been amazing and is so, so nice! We've even hired his son and a friend to help us unload the moving van this weekend. 

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