Sunday, May 11, 2014

Open House

Our open house was this weekend and, I must say, that this house has never been so clean all at once. I thought I'd post pictures as a future inspiration to myself that it is possible for the whole house to be spic-and-span at once. Ryan and I are not naturally neat people. This was not easy task!

I feel like it's true packing time now. We've been packing for the last week but wanted to leave out enough stuff to make the house look like a home for the open house. Now it's time to get busy - we close (hopefully) on our house in Greenville on May 20, come back for graduation on the 23rd and drive the moving truck over the next day. That's in two weeks, eck!

And, if you're wondering, the house is now messy again. Barely 12 hours later. C'est la vie.

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