Thursday, May 29, 2014

Moving Day and More

Moving Day was the most exhausting day of my life. We got up bright and early and finished loading the van and my car. DeeDee, John Eric and Jane came over and DeeDee and I boo-hooed. Jane kept waving "bye" and that set off another round of watershed tears. We pulled out at 8:08 a.m. - Pepe road in the front seat of my car and Scout rode in the moving van with Ryan.

Let me just say that Pepe was the best co-pilot. He actually stayed away the entire 9.5 hours we were on the road. I think that surprised both of us! It may go down as the best day of his life - all of his favorite things - me and the car and no Scout to bug him.

We stopped at the rest areas in Alabama and Georgia (both very nice and clean!) and twice to get gas. There was a little traffic around Atlanta but otherwise just a bunch of moving vans. I lost count at 20-something Penske trucks. We'd packed a picnic lunch so we didn't have to leave the dogs in a hot car while we went in and ate somewhere. I stood up on the picnic table to take a picture (which didn't even turn out good) and dropped my phone and shattered the screen. Ugh! But that was the only catastrophe of the trip so I'll take it!

We pulled into Greenville about 7:20 p.m. After ordering a pizza, we started unloading the van - hoping to get to our mattress. That didn't happen so we "camped" one more time in the living room. I was so tired, I don't even think I noticed I wasn't in a bed!

We're making progress, but there are still boxes everywhere. We had over 50 boxes our by the curb yesterday - I was a little embarrassed that about 90% of them were liquor boxes! These pictures are from Sunday when we finished unloading the truck. It's much worse looking now!

I'm ready to get through the boxes to start the fun decorating part! We haven't done much exploring of Greenville yet, but we do know how to get to Home Depot and Target. I found a black side-by-side refrigerator on Craigslist yesterday. We cleaned it last night and it should be up and running by this afternoon. Our fridge is white and so wouldn't work with the kitchen. It's in the workshop and busing food back and forth got old real fast.

We are also in the market for a sofa bed for the back bedroom - if anyone happens to know of one that is half-way comfortable please let me know! The guest bed is upstairs in the "bonus" room but isn't ideal for anyone who either doesn't like steep stairs or is over six feet tall. In the second bedroom we've put Ryan's desk and our computer (which is also doubling as our TV downstairs). We'd like a sofa bed so that we can use it for TV watching and then as an extra bed as needed. I'll be back with more pictures soon. My goal is to be able to see the floors and counters by the end of the day!

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