Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Graduation Day

Friday was Graduation Day and it was the most perfect day in every single way. Both of our families (including all siblings and spouses!) and some of our dearest friends came to help us celebrate. And then they stayed around to help us load up the moving van! Who could ask for more?

The ceremony itself was very organized and went as quickly as possible with this many people. As someone who has worked commencement ceremonies this one was executed beautifully. 

Ryan getting hooded - officially an M.D.  

Ryan with his med school buddies. We will miss seeing these friends but know they are coming to visit!

Sis and Oliver were so sweet to make the drive with their three! 

Laura, Thomas, Mom and Chad. 

Net and Emma George - Tri Delta roommates and lifelong friends!

Sarah and Jason were so sweet to help both Thursday night and all day on Friday! Their kids were also very helpful - don't think we would have gotten it all done without them!

Mr. and Mrs. Blackard were so kind to offer us a ride back from Greenville last week so we could leave Ryan's truck and trailer. They were babysitting their grandchildren in North Carolina and the timing worked out perfect! It was a fun road trip!

Sweet DeeDee - I don't think I could have handled Friday (and really the last four years) without her. Not only did she work a 12 hour shift the day before (with me texting her to-do items all day) but she showed up at my house bright and early Friday morning and took charge. While we were at the ceremony she arranged the furniture, coordinated the food and made a messy house appear decent! And then she took all our dirty laundry home and brought it back clean and folded Saturday morning.  

Ryan and Chad and that cute little leg belongs to their foster child. Chad and Kristen are the most kind-hearted people and have opened their home up to children in need of a temporary home. Talk about living your life as a example for Christ!

This picture sums up these three perfectly: Mary Thorne is climbing something and looking for something higher, Jane is questioning what in the world is going on, and Poppy is hoping nobody but her mama tries to pick her up!

Sis has become the expert on getting stains out of baby clothes. 

An extra treat for all of us was that graduation happened to be the same weekend as my cousin Nancy's husband's 50th high school reunion in Jackson. Nancy and AB and grandson Beau drove down from Lancaster County, Penn. and we were able to see them on Thursday and Friday. We miss these sweet cousins! And I love that Nancy finally got to met Pepe!

Dennis and John Eric. 

My sweet nieces! I gave Elizabeth Magee her first Sprite. 

Net, me and Elizabeth Magee

Leigh Allyn and Audrey drove over to see us off. I can't get over how much Audrey has changed since the fair!

Cousin love - Nancy has always been so encouraging about my writing and was part of the reason I majored in journalism at Ole Miss.

Mary Thorne and Audrey.

If you're happy [that med school's over] and you know it raise your hands!

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Lee and Kim said...

Love this but sad that you're no longer a Jacksonian. (Is that a word?) :)