Wednesday, May 14, 2014


What's your earliest TV memory? The other night at dinner with some friends this subject came up and it turns out that Ryan's is Cheers. We've been searching for our next Netflix binge watching show and I think Cheers is going to be it! We've watched a couple of episodes and they are so, so good and hilarious! Good comedy stays funny!

Here's a great where-they-are-now article from about the actors in the show. 

In Belhaven our version of Cheers is the neighborhood wine store, Kats. I love Kats. I love that they know what I like, that they stock a certain type of Russian vodka for Ryan and that they all came to my yard sale and have given me a report on the usage of their purchases! It's definitely the type of place where "everybody knows your name"!

Cheers image from here. 

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